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Volunteer Contributor and/or Editor

"Imagine traveling and knowing where to find local grown foods and products.  That is just one of the things we hope to provide through CFN."

Q1. What is a volunteer contributor and/or editor?

A1.  A volunteer contributor and/or editor is someone who locates persons in their community that offer local grown food products or services and shares this information with CFN by posting it on CFN's blog website.  These are non-paid positions, no salary, no benefits, no wages.

However, you are providing a community service to food growers/producers and consumers, locally and nationally, about fresh food resources in your area and beyond.   

Q2.  Why is this necessary?

A2. Because we want to connect producers, growers and resources as well as consumers, supporters and volunteers with healthy food resources.  We hope that this can connect all of us (throughout the United States) to fresh food opportunities and products no matter where we travel or live!

Q3.  Is there a residency requirement?

A3.  No.  However, we are seeking volunteer contributors and/or editors for the following locations:
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • California
  • Indiana
  • Other locations throughout Louisiana
  • OR  You tell us!!!

Q4.  How/Where do I sign up?

A4.  Email us at: !

Disclaimer: These are volunteer (none-paid) positions.  Volunteer contributors and/or editors participate at there own risk(s).  CFN or VES is not responsible for any injury or loss related or associated with these positions.  Volunteer contributors and/or editors are under no obligation to participate for any length of time.  All submitted materials (electronic/web postings) become the property of CFN & Vanguard Educational Services (VES).  CFN nor VES does not guarantee any benefit to volunteer contributors or editors nor to persons, entities, organizations or businesses featured on this site or any social networks affiliated with these sites.  All questions or concerns should be forwarded to: Community Food Networks c/o Vanguard Educational Services P.O. Box 52002 Lafayette, LA 70505.    

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